Photo By: Danielle Gunther Photography

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I can't believe I'm even here.

As the founder of Little Hoboken, I literally fell into photography.  We have hired (and begged) so many photographers to work with us, and we finally decided we needed to figure out an in-house option.  So, I purchased a camera and started playing around. I instantly LOVED photography and couldn't put my camera down.  I knew I needed more. 

Over the past few years, I have taken lots of courses and been on a quest for more knowledge and more experience.  

My little hobby quickly turned into a passion, and now, I just can't get enough.

Photography has opened up a creative side of me that allows me to collaborate with my friends,family and community in such a cool way.  They get to have fun, I get to freeze a moment in time.  As a mom, I know how fleeting those precious moments can be.

So, here I am. Let's take some pictures!

xoxo, Cassie

Pssst! You can read more about my journey into photography here

photo courtesy of Danielle Guenther Photography